Reconstructive Breast Surgery Procedures

Reconstructive Breast Surgery Procedures

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Breast Surgery

In the past ten years, major achievements have been made in breast reconstruction following mastectomy surgery. No longer do women need to face long, jagged scars that impact their self image. Instead, advanced techniques have given plastic surgeons the tools to rebuild a woman’s breast in such a way that her silhouette is once again whole.

Women with breast cancer have two main considerations when opting for reconstructive breast surgery;

  1. When to have surgery;  immediate or delayed.
  2. What type of surgery to have.

The options below are available to most patients providing they good candidates and healthy enough for surgery.

Types of Reconstruction

Implant reconstruction is an operation that uses implants alone to reconstruct a breast mound . The implants can be inserted during or after a mastectomy. This type of reconstruction may require expansion of the skin with a balloon implant (expander ) before placing the permanent implant.
Reconstruction using the Latissimus Dorsi flap from the back. This operation borrows skin from the back to create a more natural breast shape. It is a very reliable method. It often needs to be supplemented with an implant.
Abdominal flap: TRAM, DIEP etc.  This usually involves transplanting skin and fat from the lower abdomen onto the chest.  This can give the most natural long lasting results but it is a complex and long procedure.